Thursday, 12 August 2010

Haul time :)

You know... the one I've been promising for weeks. I'm sure I had loads, but it's been a few weeks now, so new things no longer seem so new! I'm sure all of the things I've missed out will come to me as soon as I post this, maybe they'll get a look in next time.
Sooo, let's make a start, shall we? Sorry about the shoddy quality of my photos by the way.
I got these earrings in Joy when we were in Guernsey on holiday. I was going to get the pink feather earrings that were in Miss Selfridge a while back, but they went out of stock so when I saw these I HAD to have them. I think I prefer them to the Miss Selfridge ones as well, and they were a measly £6! We used to have a Joy in Norwich, but now it's a Disney Store, which I love equally as much, but still.

These little boxes also came from Joy, I think they were £3. I'm decorating my room at the moment and they fit in really well :)

From left to right: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Vapour; Urban Decay blush in Score, and Natural Collection bronzing pearls in Tropical Tan.
I used up all of my favourite eyeshadow by Urban Decay in Polyester Bride and I couldn't possibly live without it so I went to buy a replacement. However, as I'm sure you all know, Urban Decay have a thing for glitter, which gets all over your face and you end up looking like a glitter ball. So when I found Vapour I got a little bit excited. It's the same super dooper pigmented white as Polyester Bride, BUT WITHOUT THE STUPID GLITTER! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I love it :)
Then I got the blush in Score which I am now addicted to, it's a peachy pink with gold shimmer and it looks so gorgeous on. I find myself reaching for this every time I do my make up now.
And finally, I got the Natural Collection bronzing pearls. To begin with I wasn't very impressed, so I shook them a bit, and bashed them about like a child until my brush eventually picked up some colour. They were only £1.60 or something so I wasn't expecting much. They're alright, but I won't be buying them again.

Batiste dry shampoo, yaaaaaaaaay! I keep stealing my brother's (he has it for festivals) and I felt bad so I eventually bought my own. It does come with a lid, but I misplaced it after trying to capture a spider. This seems a little... wetter, than the one my brother has, I think he has the tropical one. But I wash my hair every other day and I find it gives my hair more volume and less grease on the day I don't wash it. Sometimes I even use it just after I've washed my hair to give it a little bit more lift. I love dry shampoo.

This stuff smells so good! And it really works :) I have lots of little bumps on my cheeks and they annoy me so much. But this is really helping to clear them, during the first few days of using it I got a few more spots than usual where it was cleansing my skin. I've only been using it for a week or two and my skin already looks so much better! I love this stuff. I swear it's magic.

I got this in the Topshop sale for £12 and I love it so much! I've hardly taken it off since I bought it.

I got these a while back in the Topshop sale and I really like them. But they are ridiculously short on me because my legs are so damn long. I have another pair of new shorts but they need to be ironed or they look hideous and I just can't be bothered at the moment. I'm so lazy!

I got these for £20 instead of £40 a while back in the Topshop sale. They weren't even supposed to be in the sale. I love it when that happens.

I finally got some brogues! My boyfriend picked these out and he was so proud of himself when I bought them, because apparently I never listen to his opinion when it comes to clothes. Which is true. But I really like them, they make my feet look tiny. I have size eight feet, and I'm 6 foot tall, so they actually make me look a bit out of proportion because they make my feet look ridiculously small. Teehee.

I have wanted this for so long! I have both of the Chanel Chance's and it was between this and the new Chanel Chance, which also smells gorgeous. But once again I decided to listen to my boy, he prefers this one so I got it. And it really does smell gorgeous. I love it. It was only £46 in Guernsey, instead of 50 something back in England!

I bought this on the ship and I love it so much. Obviously on the cruise ship everything is tax free, but this was crazy cheap! It's a Guess watch and I got it for £49. I saw it in Guernsey for £105 and in Norwich for £95 so I think I did pretty darn good! I've wanted a really nice watch for ages and I love this.

My wrist looks a really weird shape.
I hope you enjoyed the ol' haul, sorry it wasn't too exciting but I did promise it!


  1. all these are so nice,but I loved the cardigan (i think?) and the cute boxes! I'm new here and I like your blog! :) ps:i could kill for long legs!! :P

  2. Paha, I don't really know what it is to be honest, but a cardigan is probably the safest bet. And they aren't all they're cracked up to be! It's really difficult finding jeans and trousers to fit me, Topshop is the only place that does jeans long enough!! Hahaha xxxxx

  3. I love the shoes and the cardigan! And I might try out the perfume and face cleanser. Love this post(:

  4. I love the face cleanser, mostly because of the fact that it smells so scrummy, but it really is doing my skin good! And the perfume is gorgeous, you should definitely try it :) xxx

  5. oh i hate you! i want your long legs,could you? or else,you know! i'll kill you :P haha

  6. I LOVE THOSE SHORTS. ohmygod i want them in my closet now

  7. ElenaKat: Haha!! Well I would give you some of my legs, but I think it might hurt a little bit :/

    A: Eep I love them! You might be able to find them on ebay? They're from Topshop, I think it says that in the post, but just in case :)

  8. awh those boxes are the cutest! xx