Friday, 25 June 2010

MJ, I love you.

Today is the 1st anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and that makes me sad :( I seem to remember crying when I heard the news last year. But it did rekindle my love for his music and last summer was spent listening to him. We had Jacko on repeat on our long journey from Norfolk to Southampton last year before we boarded our ship to go on our cruise, where there was a disco, in which we requested they play Michael Jackson. ANYWAY, I just wanted to share my love for MJ, he was amazing, if a little strange. May he rest in peace.
I love this song. I know it all off by heart, including the beasty rap. OOH YEAH.

Monday, 21 June 2010


The title of this post links in no way whatsoever with the post itself. You may have guessed. I couldn't decide what to call it.

So once again I've been a bit slack on the old blogging front, I had a pretty bad week last week though so didn't really feel like it. But I'm back now with news of cake, monkeys and clothes!
SO, this weekend was pretty jam-packed. On Saturday I scurried off into the city to get my hair cut (just a trim, nothing drastic/worth photographing and sharing with you all) and then I did a little bit of retail therapy to heal my emotional wounds. It worked. I felt far cheerier ;D following this I hurried home to make a cake with my brother for Dad. Obviously it was father's day on Sunday, hence the cake. But we thought it'd be nice if we went out... and dad paid... So we decided to bake a cake and use subliminal messaging into conning him into taking us all out on a trip to the zoo!

Okay so maybe it wasn't so subliminal...

I love these birds, for some reason they remind me of me and my boyfriend. A bit craaaaaazy.

It was nippy-noodles! I had to put on my coat. It would seem we had our summer a few weeks ago. Eating our picnic wasn't too much fun. Very cold! But tasty nevertheless.

We walked above the tigers! We are crazy-cats. Dare devils, you could say.

This cat was so sweet! Just before we got there a man had been talking to him through the glass and he was rolling on his back.

A couple of the animals escaped... OH LOOK AT ME MAKING JOKES. Bad ones.
Okay, so now I have bombarded you with photos of the wildlife park (it wasn't a proper zoo... it's called a Wildlife Park, hence the lack of lemur's and hippo's and elephants etc) and now it is time to show you what I got on Saturday.

I finally got a maxi dress! And I love it :D it's long enough as well, it's been tricky finding one long enough for me because I'm over 6ft tall so I haven't had too much choice. But I think this is lovelyyyy :) it's from TK Maxx and I think it was £16.99. But I didn't buy it, mum brought it back with her as a surprise. What a babe.

It has beads on the straps :D

I got this skirt from Topshop, I think it was £28. I love it so, so much. I can tell you now I won't be taking it off for a while. The photo really does it no justice whatsoever. But I love the pattern and the style of it. It's really pretty and vintage :)

Finally, I wanted to get myself a cheap alternative to Viva Glam Gaga. I have Viva Glam Gaga and I adore it. But that is the problem. I adore it a little bit too much, and I am poor. So I wanted to get myself a cheap alternative to wear to college so I don't use all of my lovely Lady Gaga lipstick up! I decided to get the Collection 2000 lipstick in Bubblegum. I think it's a long-lasting one and cost £3.49. I was quite skeptical but I thought I'd give it a go. I don't like really cheap lipsticks that much because they tend to dry my lips out and taste really icky. But I was pleasantly surprised. For such a cheap lipstick the colour payoff is amazing, it's moisturising and doesn't taste at all funky. It's much bolder than the Gaga lipstick because of course that is a lustre. It's also a slightly deeper shade of pink but I really like it and have worn it constantly since buying it (a whole two days. WOWZAS!). Oh! And it really does stay on for ages, if you eat it does wear off slightly but what do you expect for £3.49??

I think the packaging is pretty swish considering the price as well. I like it, I do :)
I hope you're all good my lovelies! I'd love to hear from you, hope you're all fine and dandy.
AND TODAY IS THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMER. Let's hope it starts to warm up, eh?

Sunday, 20 June 2010


I have 100 followers! Thank you so much my sweets :) this makes me stupidly happy. I would love to do a giveaway or something but at the moment I have... 50p. I'm actually skint. So for now you'll just have to appreciate the thought. Thank you for following me!!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Days spent with my bestie

are very well spent. We love Knut

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Girl in the City's amazing 100 follower's giveaway!

The lovely Girl in the City (Ann) has been lovely enough to do a 100 follower's giveaway, so hop on over and enter! She has an amazing blog, I love reading all of her posts. And she always seems to be contributing on other blogs, such a sweety :) the prizes look lovely, good luck!



My brother's coming home from university today for the summer :D I have missed him copious amounts, we are tight. But not that tight, we may live in Norfolk but we don't abide by the local traditions.

Also, I finished my AS Levels on friday and my best friend, Hannah (getyou hannah-boo) will be finishing her GCSE's soon. This means more times like these:

And of course we will also be enjoying some retail therapy, granny-esque banter (about gardens and curtains), cinema trips and scone time in Jarrold's. They do the yummiest scones ever. Mmmm :)

This post is a little random, but I have very little to write about at the moment as I have done nothing interesting since finishing my exams... two days ago. I did go shopping yesterday but it was one of those depressing days were you can't find anything, so all I came home with was two packets of sanitary towels ;) on the other hand, my mum and I did go to Bella Italia for lunch which was very yummy and I felt super fat afterwards, and I think I'm going again with my boyfriend tomorrow :D plus, me and mummy just ordered some bed sheets and a throw and stuff for my room when we decorate it. They're so pretty. I can't wait to start decorating!
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Tag :)

I was tagged by What Mimi Writes quite a while ago to do this and never got round to doing it, sorry! But now I have plenty of time on my hands so I have chosen to do it :) she gave me 8 questions to answer so here it goes...

1. If you were stuck on an island or an elevator or something like that, what are the top 5 beauty items that are sure to be inside your bag?

Well I probably wouldn't take any makeup because there'd be no point, no one would see me. Unless I got stuck in a lift rather than an island. In which case someone might see my. But they'd probably be an old man. So we don't need to worry about that.

1) Cleanser. I like my face to be clean. I don't know how long I could be stuck for, it could be a while. So I'd like to keep my face feeling fresh ;)

2) Carmex - I love it :D it's the only lip balm I actually like.

3) Lipstick - okay I said no makeup, but if I got bored I could use it to draw on things :)

4) Moisturiser - I may be stuck for a while. In the mean time I want to keep my skin nice and moisturised so I don't look too hagged when I eventually leave.

5) Sun cream - I don't want the glare of the sun to frazzle my skin while I'm stuck on this here island.

2. Which female celebrity's style do you admire the most and why?

Ohhh, this one's tricky! I'd probably have to say Lady Gaga though, she is my idol. She's so creative and bold and I love how imaginative she is (basically the same as being creative, but I can't think of any other words :/). I might try putting cans in my hair one day :) but a more realistic celebrity would probably be Florence Welch because I absolutely adore her ginger hair or Ellie Goulding. Because she is a babe.

3. Do you think it is possible for one single person to change the world?

Erm, no. Nice and simple. I'm not quite that optimistic ;)

4. What is/are your favorite movie/s?

Ohh I have a few; Anchorman, Wayne's World, Dirty Dancing, Sex and the City and SHREK :D I am such a child.

5. Have you seen the movie Avatar? If yes, do you think it should've won the Oscar for best picture and best director?

I haven't seen it :( I never got round to jumping on the bandwagon.

6. What do you look forward to the most this coming summer?

Meeting new people, seeing my bestie (getyou hannah-boo) because we've hardly seen each other recently due to exams and 'men' aaaaaand partying like it's 1999. Not that I know what that's like. Because I was six.

7. If you were to choose, computer or cellphone?

Computer fo'sho.

8. If you were given an all expense paid vacation to one place only, where would you go?

Ahh I really don't know! I've been to lots of places because I've been a few cruises. But I suppose I'd quite like to go to Italy or New York :) ohhh, or maybe Australia! Eeeek, I don't know. I would say Russia but I went there last year. Can I have more than one all expenses paid holiday?

I think I'm supposed to come up with my own questions now, and I just tried. And I failed. I can't think of anything to ask! But I'd like to learn a little bit more about all of my lovely followers so I'll have a little think and then ask you all some questions sometime soon!



I have finally finished all of my exams. It's such a relief. But as a result this post will not be very interesting because all I've done this week is revise :(
I'm going shopping with my mum tomorrow though so no doubt I'll have some goodies to share with you! So, to ensure this post doesn't seem completely useless I will leave you with some Lady Gaga. I love her.
I'll try and post something interesting tomorrow but I'm babysitting in the evening so I don't know if I'll get a chance. I'll try though!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Eventful afternoon

I have my AS textiles exam this week so my mum and I took a trip to the retail park to get my fabric. First of all there was no decent fabric there. Fail. Second, we went to leave, and the car refused to start. HURRAH! So we had to get a nice AA man to come and rescue us... from a car park :) stereotypical damsel's in distress scenario? But even more pathetic.
Apparently the battery was dead and so the nice man charged it up for us, but then he told us if we stopped the car then started it again it wouldn't start. So we went to the local garage and got a new battery which he fitted for us and we eventually got home about 2 and a half hours after we left. Should've been gone about thirty minutes. OHWELL. Plus the ironic thing was that I had 'Celebration' by Kool and the Gang stuck in my head because the shop we got my material from was playing it.
But when I got home my Viva Glam Gaga lipstick was here so I am a happy bunny :D I love it so much :)
And I now have a strong liking for the AA.

I had a dream last night

That my mum bought me another pair of my favourite boots to replace mine when they are pretty much useless. Now I'm actually contemplating it because I love them so darn much. I am trying to tell myself that it is a stupid idea and a complete waste of money but I am still tempted. Oo-er. I will try and resist. I've had them since the start of the year and I've worn them pretty much every day, they're looking very... loved, would be the best word to describe their current condition.

They're all scuffed and the sole is starting to come up :( I know they really could do with a polish but I WANT A NEW PAIR. Silly dreams inflicting your silly ideas onto me.
Aaaaaand, this is what a new pair would look like. SEE! YUMMY! I think these have a slightly different finish to mine, mine were never shiny like these are on the toe. But still. They look so healthy and new and nice. But they are £65 and I am skint and there's so much I want to buy for myself at the moment! It's ridonkulous. Plus I haven't had time to work recently (luckily I work for a relative who's kind enough to give me time off when I need it) because of exams. But I'll be starting again next week because my last exam is on Friday. No Charlotte, no. I am typing my thoughts as they come. I'm sure you are beginning to realise what a shambles the inside of my mind is. But I really do want to buy them again. But I really shouldn't should I? It is a waste of money, it's not like buying a second limited edition item of make up or something like that, because these are £65 and they go on your feet.
Oh but I do love them.
I'm done now. Back to trying (and failing) to revise. Hope you're all fine and dandy!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

This revision just isn't happening

I've been doing bits on and off all day. Now I think the only way to make any progress is for me to devour the following (minus the packaging and electrical equipment):

NOM. I love peanut butter on toast (especially tiger bread. Mmmmmmmmmmm) followed by a cup of tea so very much. It is my favourite. I actually eat it every morning for breakfast and am not yet bored of it. It's only been a few years. Right, off to the toaster I go.

So cute!

I just discovered these and I really must have them, they're gooooorgeous :) the only thing standing in my way now is the fact that I am skint. I'd better get saving. These are so pretty :D what do you think?

Oh and just in case you're interested you can get them here:
I have nothing to do with the company I just discovered them because my friend has done some photography for them :)
Sorry again about the lack of posts recently, I know I promised you lots this week but I've been so, so busy and now I have to revise! But my last exam is on Friday so I'll be blogging lots after this week :D

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I somehow managed to click my neck yesterday and the muscles have been spasming ever since. It hurts :(... I just thought I'd share that little nugget of information with you :)

Anyway, I feel a good way to start this post is to say thank you so much for all my lovely new followers. I love coming onto my blog and seeing I have new followers, it makes me so happy :D (small things, simple minds eh?). But yes, thank you very much :D and I love looking at all of your blogs as well!

I said last week that I'd be blogging quite a lot this week because I have a week off, but I've been with my boyfriend most of the time hence the lack of posts. But I'm here now ;) I think it would be best to do a round up of my week, plus I don't have that many interesting photos to share with you so that may be best :) hope you enjoy it! (Sorry for the copious amount of rambling by the way.)

As I said in my last post, I started this week off with a little shopping trip with my boyfriend and got myself some goodies (they're all in my last post). On Sunday I went to a Steam Rally which I've been going to with my friend Sabrina and a few other friends for four years on the trot now. It usually tips it down with rain as well but we were let off quite lightly this year!

The fairground is always fun, but we had to sit at the top of the ferris-wheel for ages and were both terrified of moving. Wimps.

I love this. It amuses me.

We each got a friendship bracelet because we're too lazy/uneducated to make them :D

Every year we take a photo with Nora's Fudge. So this had to be done :D

Okay, so I've tried to keep photos to a minimum because I feel I always post far too many! I don't think I'm doing to badly considering this is summing up the last four days :) So on Monday it rained again :( we were supposed to have a BBQ at lunch but the rain meant we had to postpone it until dinner by which time it was quite warm :) it was yummy. And then I had a couple of my best friends round and we watched 'Wish You Were Here'. It's an amazing film from the 80's. I have a thing for retro films and I would highly recommend this one :D
Tuesday - my lovely boyfriend came round and we baked cakes and watched films :) we couldn't do much because this was the day I hurt my neck and I couldn't move my head without moving my entire body so I wasn't feeling particularly great. But we made Butterfly Cakes and they are delicious :)

FIIIIINALLY, today myself, my boyfriend and my parents went for a walk in the country then headed to the coast where we ate fish and chips and ice cream. It was lovely :) but I did lose one of my favourite necklaces :( possibly due to numerous piggybacks. So it was worth it. Kind of.
I don't know why I'm the one who always ends up giving him piggybacks? What a gent ;)

It was so, so pretty! All the flowers were out and it was absolutely stunning :D plus the sun was shining which made it even better :)

And finally a lovely picture of the two of us. My signature hideous smile. I don't know why I don't just smile normally. I can't help it. As soon as a camera is plonked in front of me I do the above ^ attractive, I know.

I hope you've all been having a lovely week! :D I still haven't seen Sex and the City 2 :'( I hope I get to see it soon or I might burst.

Please forgive me for the hideously long post. I couldn't help myself.