Wednesday, 11 August 2010

To infinity, and beyooooooooooond!

Sorry about the stupid title, I couldn't think of anything, but I've seen Toy Story 3 now, so it made sense.
As promised, I am going to enlighten you as to what has happened during the time I have been absent. So, I have been on holiday with the fam! (Mother, father and my brother, Chris). We went on a cruise which took us to Amsterdam, where Dad 'accidentally' took us to the red light district which was very surreal, then Antwerp in Belgium, Vannes in Brittany, Guernsey, St Malo and Honfleur. I love cruising soooo much, we went round the Baltic last year and we got to go to Russia, Norway, Sweden and some other amazing places. And you really do get treated like a princess, so much better than in any hotel. I miss it! And the food is amazing :D Honfleur in Normandy was probably my favourite place, it was so pretty, and the people were lovely. Plus the fact that listening to dad trying to speak French was highly amusing. I also managed to get myself Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle tax free. Another great thing about cruising ;) anyway, I won't bore you with talk of exactly what we did I'll just give you a stupid amount of photo's because there were so many to choose from. Apart from the red light district. I was quite glad dad decided to be a bad father and take us there, by accident, apparently. I wasn't going to say 'YO! Take me to see the hookers!!' but I was curious, plus I didn't want to go to Amsterdam and not see it. It was so surreal, I'm pretty sure one of the women was a man too. Fun times :) Anyway, have some photos, enjoy!

My lobster! Topped with cheese if you're wondering why it's yellow :)

The ship.

OH! The formal nights are really lovely, everyone dresses up in their ball gowns. I love it so much.

So there you have my holiday. Since then I have spent most of my time with my boyfriend. We went to a party a couple a weeks ago where I managed to get a snap of my best friend, Hannah, on the toilet. Because I am a good friend.

She was absolutely jonathon'd by the time we turned up. I'm not sure how long she'd been there...
And we also went to Bella Italia for lunch, ate too much, drank a bottle of 12% Pino Grigiot between us and got a little bit drunk. And by the time we went to see Toy Story 3 we were actually a little bit hung over. Oopsie. But Toy Story 3 was so good! Eeeeeeeee. It would have been better if I was headache free though.
I've also been to the theatre to see 'Man in the Mirror' with my brother and dad, which was a Michael Jackson tribute. It was so amazing! I was worried they would try and impersonate him and fail, but they put their own twist on it which was good. Because no one can impersonate MJ without faulting him in one way or another. But it was absolutely amazing and it was great to be surrounded by so many fans of the King of Pop. I loooooooooooove him.
I can't think what else I've been doing now. I just sprayed a gnat with bug repellent to try and kill it and the smell is making my head go a bit funny. I may go and get some air in a minute.
We finished painting my room today! Now all we need to do is put all of the decorations and curtains etc in. I'm so excited about it finally being done!
GEEEEE. I would write a little bit more, but this post is already a little lenghty, and I actually think I had better stick my head out of the window for a little while. So nightnight :)

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  1. thank you so much for that attractive picture.
    and yes i was rather drunk when you got there.
    but you soon caught me up. so it's fine.
    more parties soon pls.
    also, i may have to try that neutrogena face scrub you featured in your haul.
    it may work ;D
    we shall see.