Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 03

A picture of you and your friends:

Geeeeeez, this is gonna be difficult! I'm not sure I have many group photo's of me and my buddies. I'll have to have a long hard look through all of my photo's!

Okay so I've looked, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to cheat a little and post a number of photo's as I don't actually have a group photo with all of my closest friends. Is that bad?

Okaaaay, so this is Sabrina, Helena and me. They are two of my bestie's and I love them stupid amounts :)

Hannah (the bestest bestie), me and Saundizzle/Alex, who is also a best friend of mine :)

Here you have me lurking in the background of a photo of Murty (Karl), my boyfriend's friend and my 'super-hunk' boyfriend. All dressed up for my birthday party.

And I didn't have a nice one of the three of us, so here are my two favourite people in the whole wide world. Louis and Hannah. My boyfriend and my bestest friend :)

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. You look like great friends and are having so much fun.

    I was going to do this challenge, but I have other things I wanted to post about too, so wasn't sure how I'd do it. Maybe I'll do it later in the month or something.

  2. Aw that's a shame! I'm having that problem, there's other stuff I want to post about but once I've done that I don't have much time. Oh well :) I'll keep a look out in case you do it! But in the mean time I love all of your normal posts so it's all gravy xxx

  3. i love how both the photos of me are horrendous. but at least you didn't put the one of us where we look like chipmunks(mainlyme) up.
    THAT is some awful stuff.
    i also like how i am referred to as 'the bestest bestie'
    and i quite like the photo of me and dibbs...even though i don't remember it in the slightest :D
    i am enjoying your challenges. I WANT TO START MINE D;

  4. I did contemplate putting that one up. But I thought it was probably best not to :L xxxx

  5. your post reminds me of my friends that i haven't seen for ages since school