Friday, 20 August 2010


So instead of doing coursework today I decided to waste more time and teach myself how to do a fishtail plait because they're pretty :) and then I decided to take a photo to show you my attempt, and I think it looks quite nice considering it's a first attempt. HURRAH! Add this to the list of things I'm proud of.

I didn't want to do a serious pose through fear of looking stupid, so I did this instead. I don't see how it's any better. Probably worse. I'm not sure how my mind works. Also, check out the lack/complete absence of make up, I'm getting brave. Teeheeee.

And because he is such a sweety I thought I would show you this :) My boyfriend went to Thorpe Park (a theme park, for those of you who aren't from the UK) on Wednesday and was supposed to be coming to mine to sleep Wednesday night. But his friends' car broke down at about 1am in the morning so he told me to just go to sleep because it was going to have to be towed and stuff and he wouldn't get here until 5.30am. So he slept at one of his friends' houses who he was with and came to mine at about 8.30 in the morning because he is lovelyyyy. Anyways, he got here and just conked out on my bed and I thought he looked really cute so I took a photo. It's on facebook now and according to his friends he has lost a serious amount of man points, I couldn't think why. It's not like he's cuddling a heffalump or anything...

It's okay, he loves me really.
Thank you to all of my lovely new followers!
Also, if this font looks different to the rest of the post I'm sorryyy. Blogger is being poo, not me!


  1. i love how dibbs is cuddling heffalump, with a teddy on the floor, amongst floral duvet
    he's a real boy :D
    and you're hot. you know that right? with all your faces :P

  2. such a cute photo of the boy! and great job with your plait, i wish i could do it that well

  3. Hannah Banana - Ta very much you beaut, my faces are pretty smokin' ;)

    A - Eeep yeah I love that photo! Haha :D and thank you :) it was tricky though, because I have lots of silly layers in my hair that are no longer welcome and they kept trying to rear their ugly heads and stick out all over the place!

  4. Awwwww bless him! Hehe, love the fishtail, i always fail with my attempts at one! :) xx

  5. wow amazing hairstyles :) love it^^
    drey jewelry.

  6. Love the fishtail plait. I wish my hair was long enough!


  7. I love the fishtail plait! I always wished my hair would look good in that, but I have curly brown hair and it really takes long blonde hair like yours. And honestly, you're gorgeous even without any makeup!
    And that's just too cute of your boyfriend(:

  8. Ahh thank you! Although it would work better if I didn't have layers in my hair, the plait's really thin! Hahaha :) xxxx