Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Too much time spent doing nothing.

I intended to spend today doing my history coursework. However, as per usual, boredom set in before I even began so I ended up sitting on my backside perusing the internet for hours on end. I get annoyed with myself and tell myself I'm being a massive dong and I need to do my work, but I still don't do it.
Eventually I did get round to doing a bit, but still not much. I got confused and ended up giving up/telling myself I was confused and giving up instead of carrying on. WHY AM I SO LAZY? Gaw, I get so annoyed with myself. But I've got some done, which is better than none, riiiiight? I may do some art coursework after dinner - BANGERS AND MASH - just in case you were wondering. Mmmmm. Maybe a yorkshire pudding or two as well. Can't wait :)
Only had one lesson today, so I've had plenty of time to do something productive. I finished college at 10.30 this morning. It's nearly 6pm and I'm not entirely sure what I've spent my day doing.

I just noticed the slinky I won in a cracker at Christmas in the corner or my eye. Gonna be playing with that now. That will amuse me. Wheeeeeeeee.

But not all is bad because I have a Moomin hot-water bottle! YEEEEAH.

And I have a panda hat. Cooool. My love for this hat is far too strong. It's really stretched though because I like to use it as a mask...

One more thing, is it just me who does 'fringe washes'? I don't wash my hair every day but my fringe usually needs it so I wash my fringe and my fringe alone. The picture below depicts me just after I've washed my fringe. The puddle and the drips are from my fringe. Don't be so crude.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I think this is the only reason I like Chris Moyles.
P.S. I mentioned this in this post just in case you were wondering what it's doing here...


Haribo Overdose.

Need to stop munching on these. I'm making myself feel sick. Finished a bag of them yesterday as well! Hahaha. Ohh dear.

General Studies

Pretty sure most colleges in the UK make you sit this ridiculous exam now. But what is the point?! None of my universities even accept General Studies and nor does it gain you any UCAS points. That's a whole two hours I will never ever get back. Yet I think I have another three of them to go, all of them being 90 minutes. Laaaaaame :(

Also, I walked into lesson half an hour late this morning because... I don't do mornings. My teacher didn't even notice, not sure how, but SCORE. But I did stay in and do an extra hour of work so I more than made up for it. I'm not a slacker I promise.

I have my interview for Norwich Uni soon and apparently they want an essay, why must it be to do with the subject I want to study? Why can't I give them one of my A* History essays? You wouldn't think I was capable of that with the way I write on here haha. Awkward/I can't be bothered. But I suppose if I finish my textiles dissertation on time I could use that.

I've come over all boring, currently telling you the things I tell my parents. But I have nothing to write about at the moment. I barely slept last night so my brain is not functioning. I forget the number of times I nearly fell asleep or just went DERP today when I didn't understand. derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

Anyway, so this post isn't completely irrelevant to the rest of my blog. I like this playsuit! (From Topshop of course.) No idea where or when I would wear it but mmmmmmmmm :)

And just out of interest, to those of you in the US. Do you find Barack Obama as amusing as we do over here? What a joker. I think about weird things that matter to no one else far too much.

Or do you see him as we probably see good/bad ol' David Cameron. Ooft ;) <- that was sarcastic. If that wasn't already clear.
Our prime minister is boring, and riding a bike.
He doesn't make jokes with his colleagues like Obama :(

I wonder if anyone living in the US ever heard Chris Moyles' song about Barack Obama? Pretty sure you get radio one over there!

Sorry if I've offended anyone with my comments over two mighty fine leaders... yeahhhh

Monday, 10 January 2011

I just checked my stats and

my 'I want a Panda for Christmas' post is my most viewed post! I may have to start doing more posts about animals...

So now I know what you all like, here's my dog with all her Christmas presents. Enjoy ;)

I bet you this will be my least viewed post.


I hope my crazed face didn't frighten you too much.

I have finally decided to do a post and apologise for my extended absense. Although, to be completely honest I haven't really felt like blogging recently. My granny/Granbo (taken from Ranbo ;) she was a sturdy Granny!) died just before Christmas and I was in my own little world for ages after. I just wanted to focus on spending time with family and friends rather than sitting on my laptop doing not very much at all. So that is my reason, I haven't just been lazy and slacking! But I'm okay now :)
I had a lovely Christmas, I hope you did too! My whole family came round and so did my boyfriend. I ate a copious amount of food and by the end of the day I felt sick. But it was oh so worth it. I got some lovely presents as well which I intend on sharing with you as soon as possible.
Another reason for my constant absence is the amount of work I have for college. I struggle getting my work done because I much prefer to distract myself with going out with friends and watching Come Dine With Me and Father Ted. I spent five hours writing an essay today, owwwww. That was painful. But it's done now. I have some coursework due for the end of the week and a dissertation for next week so I can't promise there'll be many posts this week. However, I do intend to whip myself into shape and blog more because I really do enjoy it, I'm just a bit lazy sometimes hahaha.

After Christmas I did the obligatory January sale shop and bought a ridiculous amount of clothes from Topshop and... no where else... I will show you them soon. I'm so pleased with my purchases! Although I do wish I had endless amounts of money. That would be super dooper. Aaaand I've got some new make-up and stuff which I hope will interest you!

Blimey, I haven't really written on my blog in aaaaaages. But this is all spurting out haha. I've been sat in silence most of today writing my essay so I guess I'm just craving for conversation. Plus the fact that I have a stupid 2 hour long general studies exam that none of my universities even accept tomorrow! I may just fall asleep and not do it, that would be clever.

OHOHOHOH! I got my offer from Lincoln which is good, but I don't really think I want to go there sooo yeah. But I have an interview at Norwich in a few weeks which I'm really hoping will go well, it's probably going to be my first choice.

ANYWAYS, if you've got this far congratulations. Pretty sure none of the above made sense.

Here's a photo of my brother, my cousin, mummy and me looking happy after a walk on the beach.
Also, my love for animal headgear is growing.

HOPE YA'LL GOOD! Speak soon chaps.
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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

I will return with real posts eventually, when I have less work and more time.