Monday, 1 August 2011

I've jumped on the band-wagon

and got a tumblr which I'm more likely to update on a regular basis because I don't feel the need to write lengthy posts.
Let me know if you have one too!

P.S. My heart still lies with blogger because I dislike how most things posted on tumblr are just photo after photo.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cruise Blues

I returned from my holiday almost three weeks ago now and it honestly feels like it never even happened. We were gone for 16 nights but it was over in a flash! This year's holiday was the best I have ever been on, hands down. We went on a Western Mediterranean cruise stopping at Malaga, Zakynthos (Zante), Corfu, Dubrovnik, VENICE AHHH, Korcula and Gibraltar. Surprisingly enough Venice was my favourite port of call. I've always wanted to go there and I wish we could have had two days there instead of just the one because there simply wasn't enough time in the day to fit everything in!

Cruises are the best holidays ever, and anyone who doubts that... you're wrong! I ate so much food I'm pretty sure I put on about half a stone in the time we were gone. I am such a pig, but it is one of the (many) joys of cruising. It was also lovely being able to spend time with my family because we're often too busy at home to spend much time together. We even managed to go without having a hideous amount of arguments. It was also my parents 25th wedding anniversary so they renewed their vows on board with the Captain along with their own private function room, a cake, photographer and an ice sculpture! It was such a lovely day.

I spent most of the time when we were sailing sunbathing, eating and reading. The past year has been so stressful it was an incredible feeling realising that I'd been sitting there for ages just watching the sea (along with the odd Turtle, Dolphin and Whale), thinking of nothing. I have now decided I belong on a cruise ship, after being on a fair few cruises (although not as many as some!) I have decided I really want to work on one. I have to wait until I'm 21 though, very upset about that.

Me with my best friend - Mr Margarita.

Are you going anywhere nice on holiday this year?

Sixth Form Prom

Iyer!! Haven't posted in ages because I have been a busy bee. I went on holiday at the end of June but I will devote a separate post to that.

Anyway, I have now officially finished sixth form and we had our prom a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun but also so sad! Most of my friends are going off to uni and it's crazy to think that after results day in a couple of weeks I probably won't see 85% of those people ever again. Mind you, I will not lie, some I will be glad to be rid of for good!

Everyone looked beautiful and even the teachers managed to scrub up to a fairly high standard. It was a great night and luckily the English weather held out until the next day so we had sun! I am still feeling the harsh money grabbing wrath of this night though. I spent so much money and now I am stuck inside until I have more!

I'm staying at home for the next year and will be doing work experience in event organisation and I'll possibly be going to uni next year. Not sure at the moment but my boyfriend and some of my friends will still be here so not all is lost.

I hope you're all feeling swell and enjoying the so called 'summer'. (in England anyway, the weather here is terrible.) It's so depressing!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Made in Chelsea, is anyone actually watching it?

I will admit, I have been watching it, but initially I had to force myself. After a brief glimpse of it when I flicked over from Glee (oh yes) on E4 +1 and saw some pompous man saying 'I hate Topshop', I immediately took a great disliking to it. I will admit the majority of the characters still irritate me with their snobbery and in your face poshness, but I found it highly amusing as in the first episode in particular they continually tried to subtly slate TOWIE by talking about their hate for all things fake (fake tan, eyelashes etc). ANYWAY, while my heart truly lies with The Only Way is Essex with Nanna Pat and her sausage plaits I have been enjoying the whole Caggie, Spencer and Funda love triangle thing and can't wait to see tonights episode.
Haha. I have become what I hate. It's okay, I'd still rather watch Misfits and The Inbetweeners, proper English telly, not a copy of American programs. But it's not a complete copy, like America stole Shameless. I want to know how that even works seeing as it's set in a 'typical' English council housing estate... Who knows, unless someone from America tells me where it's set over there!

Two Years Has Gone Quickly

This week is my last week of sixth form ever and it's gone so quickly! I actually don't want to leave because I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life and that scares me a lot. A lot, a lot. I guess I'll just bum around with my dog and eventually become a really crazy dog lady who never leaves the house because she has too many dogs to look after. But I can't wait to spend the summer with my friends and my boyo wheyyyyyyyyyy. I'm not going to uni anymore though, I changed my mind (just as well I changed it before rather than after, that's how I'm looking at it!) so I'm going to be lonely next year because most of my friends are leaving and are going to spread across the country booo.
But on a lighter note, I am now 18! HURRAH! Although it's not all it's cracked up to be, I've only been out once since my birthday. Yet I've still managed to buy plenty of drink, legally. Bought some the other day and didn't even get ID'd, I was most disappointed. I have my ID and I want to use it! Anyways, I had a lovely birthday, I went out for a meal with my family, boyfriend and my closest friends which was fly. As per usual I will bombard you all with photos. Although this post isn't even that overdue (for me) it was only my birthday a couple of weeks ago! WOWZAS.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


I have before and after photos but I doubt any of you would want to see blown up pictures of the inside of my mouth. (Let me know if you do ;) haha) My teeth are so nice now though :D although I do miss my metal :( my teeth look boring without it.

Anyway, I haven't really posted on here in months, so I shall do a little catch up of what's happened since New Year with photos...

It was Helena's birthday so we went out for a yummy curry then did this on the way home... Not sure why.

It was Katherine's 18th so we partied and ate crisps.

It was Ross' 18th so I got drunk and made a fool of myself. YEAH!

Bryony and I made cannelloni and nommed it all down straight after. Piggy's. Mmmmmmmmm :D

I made a huge cake. NOMMM.

Bryo and I went to Ranworth Broad last week and did some birdwatching. Not sure why we act like middle-aged people for the majority/all of the time.

Once again another uninspired post. But I felt like blogging :) but college is nearly over now and I finish my exams June 10th so after then I will return full steam ahead! I just fail at doing school work and... anything on top of that.
Also, it's my 18th birthday at the start of next month! YOSSSS. Can not wait. I've only been irritating everyone about it for eight months or so now. Hahaha. And it's the Royal Wedding soon, I think we're going to have a street party with a BBQ and ice cream :D hopefully the sun shines.
Have any of you guys and gals got anything planned?

Friday, 1 April 2011

My dress is almost finished!

This is why I haven't been posting. I'm spending all of my free time at the moment doing Textiles coursework. Gawww. Need to paint the yellow bits with nothing on them, stick some wire underneath the over skirt so it stands up more, then put the 'squids' on the top of it then drape material off of them. SO MUCH TO DO. AND A SECOND PIECE AS WELL. All by next Thursday. This dress has taken me foreverrr. And I have to do a dissertation still. Poop.

Monday, 28 March 2011

I miss blogging :(

Got so much school work to do though. And I've actually been trying recently, so have hardly any free time. WAHHHH!! I will return eventually, I haven't abandoned you all I promise. Hahaaaa, I suck at keeping up with my blog though. I always go through spits and spurts of blogging loads, then never.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Lost so many followers over the last couple of weeks because I haven't posted. Am I not allowed a life??

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Too much time spent doing nothing.

I intended to spend today doing my history coursework. However, as per usual, boredom set in before I even began so I ended up sitting on my backside perusing the internet for hours on end. I get annoyed with myself and tell myself I'm being a massive dong and I need to do my work, but I still don't do it.
Eventually I did get round to doing a bit, but still not much. I got confused and ended up giving up/telling myself I was confused and giving up instead of carrying on. WHY AM I SO LAZY? Gaw, I get so annoyed with myself. But I've got some done, which is better than none, riiiiight? I may do some art coursework after dinner - BANGERS AND MASH - just in case you were wondering. Mmmmm. Maybe a yorkshire pudding or two as well. Can't wait :)
Only had one lesson today, so I've had plenty of time to do something productive. I finished college at 10.30 this morning. It's nearly 6pm and I'm not entirely sure what I've spent my day doing.

I just noticed the slinky I won in a cracker at Christmas in the corner or my eye. Gonna be playing with that now. That will amuse me. Wheeeeeeeee.

But not all is bad because I have a Moomin hot-water bottle! YEEEEAH.

And I have a panda hat. Cooool. My love for this hat is far too strong. It's really stretched though because I like to use it as a mask...

One more thing, is it just me who does 'fringe washes'? I don't wash my hair every day but my fringe usually needs it so I wash my fringe and my fringe alone. The picture below depicts me just after I've washed my fringe. The puddle and the drips are from my fringe. Don't be so crude.