Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I somehow managed to click my neck yesterday and the muscles have been spasming ever since. It hurts :(... I just thought I'd share that little nugget of information with you :)

Anyway, I feel a good way to start this post is to say thank you so much for all my lovely new followers. I love coming onto my blog and seeing I have new followers, it makes me so happy :D (small things, simple minds eh?). But yes, thank you very much :D and I love looking at all of your blogs as well!

I said last week that I'd be blogging quite a lot this week because I have a week off, but I've been with my boyfriend most of the time hence the lack of posts. But I'm here now ;) I think it would be best to do a round up of my week, plus I don't have that many interesting photos to share with you so that may be best :) hope you enjoy it! (Sorry for the copious amount of rambling by the way.)

As I said in my last post, I started this week off with a little shopping trip with my boyfriend and got myself some goodies (they're all in my last post). On Sunday I went to a Steam Rally which I've been going to with my friend Sabrina and a few other friends for four years on the trot now. It usually tips it down with rain as well but we were let off quite lightly this year!

The fairground is always fun, but we had to sit at the top of the ferris-wheel for ages and were both terrified of moving. Wimps.

I love this. It amuses me.

We each got a friendship bracelet because we're too lazy/uneducated to make them :D

Every year we take a photo with Nora's Fudge. So this had to be done :D

Okay, so I've tried to keep photos to a minimum because I feel I always post far too many! I don't think I'm doing to badly considering this is summing up the last four days :) So on Monday it rained again :( we were supposed to have a BBQ at lunch but the rain meant we had to postpone it until dinner by which time it was quite warm :) it was yummy. And then I had a couple of my best friends round and we watched 'Wish You Were Here'. It's an amazing film from the 80's. I have a thing for retro films and I would highly recommend this one :D
Tuesday - my lovely boyfriend came round and we baked cakes and watched films :) we couldn't do much because this was the day I hurt my neck and I couldn't move my head without moving my entire body so I wasn't feeling particularly great. But we made Butterfly Cakes and they are delicious :)

FIIIIINALLY, today myself, my boyfriend and my parents went for a walk in the country then headed to the coast where we ate fish and chips and ice cream. It was lovely :) but I did lose one of my favourite necklaces :( possibly due to numerous piggybacks. So it was worth it. Kind of.
I don't know why I'm the one who always ends up giving him piggybacks? What a gent ;)

It was so, so pretty! All the flowers were out and it was absolutely stunning :D plus the sun was shining which made it even better :)

And finally a lovely picture of the two of us. My signature hideous smile. I don't know why I don't just smile normally. I can't help it. As soon as a camera is plonked in front of me I do the above ^ attractive, I know.

I hope you've all been having a lovely week! :D I still haven't seen Sex and the City 2 :'( I hope I get to see it soon or I might burst.

Please forgive me for the hideously long post. I couldn't help myself.


  1. I hope your neck feels better soon! I want to ride that cute train and eat some yummy fudge! I hope you enjoyed yourself :) x

  2. That place looks so cute! I'd be scared to go on a ferris wheel :L x

  3. cute photos, I cannot wait to go to a fair this summer and I am obsessed with friendship bracelets..I get them from a Native American store at the mall ;) xoxo

  4. LOL, my friend is 0-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with friendship bracelets. Crazy obsessed. That's why I'm so scared of her :)

  5. looks like so much fun!!:)


  6. Looks like such a fun day.

  7. joyful photos :D and sounds like u had fun :D
    i can´t wait to go to the big amusement park in Oslo when summer holidays starts :D

  8. you. i've forgotten what i was going to say.
    which necklace was lost?! D; hate losing stuff, and we should go see sex and the city 2 soon ;D

  9. The one you got me for my birthday :( I'M UPSET. loveyoou xxx

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