Monday, 7 June 2010

Eventful afternoon

I have my AS textiles exam this week so my mum and I took a trip to the retail park to get my fabric. First of all there was no decent fabric there. Fail. Second, we went to leave, and the car refused to start. HURRAH! So we had to get a nice AA man to come and rescue us... from a car park :) stereotypical damsel's in distress scenario? But even more pathetic.
Apparently the battery was dead and so the nice man charged it up for us, but then he told us if we stopped the car then started it again it wouldn't start. So we went to the local garage and got a new battery which he fitted for us and we eventually got home about 2 and a half hours after we left. Should've been gone about thirty minutes. OHWELL. Plus the ironic thing was that I had 'Celebration' by Kool and the Gang stuck in my head because the shop we got my material from was playing it.
But when I got home my Viva Glam Gaga lipstick was here so I am a happy bunny :D I love it so much :)
And I now have a strong liking for the AA.


  1. my dad's car keeps not starting. he keeps getting stuck places.
    but it's not the battery.
    crazy days.

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