Monday, 7 June 2010

I had a dream last night

That my mum bought me another pair of my favourite boots to replace mine when they are pretty much useless. Now I'm actually contemplating it because I love them so darn much. I am trying to tell myself that it is a stupid idea and a complete waste of money but I am still tempted. Oo-er. I will try and resist. I've had them since the start of the year and I've worn them pretty much every day, they're looking very... loved, would be the best word to describe their current condition.

They're all scuffed and the sole is starting to come up :( I know they really could do with a polish but I WANT A NEW PAIR. Silly dreams inflicting your silly ideas onto me.
Aaaaaand, this is what a new pair would look like. SEE! YUMMY! I think these have a slightly different finish to mine, mine were never shiny like these are on the toe. But still. They look so healthy and new and nice. But they are £65 and I am skint and there's so much I want to buy for myself at the moment! It's ridonkulous. Plus I haven't had time to work recently (luckily I work for a relative who's kind enough to give me time off when I need it) because of exams. But I'll be starting again next week because my last exam is on Friday. No Charlotte, no. I am typing my thoughts as they come. I'm sure you are beginning to realise what a shambles the inside of my mind is. But I really do want to buy them again. But I really shouldn't should I? It is a waste of money, it's not like buying a second limited edition item of make up or something like that, because these are £65 and they go on your feet.
Oh but I do love them.
I'm done now. Back to trying (and failing) to revise. Hope you're all fine and dandy!


  1. i think they look cute all worn out :) why dont you just try and fix up the pair you've got :D they are some nice boots though ;D good luck with the revising :L xxx

  2. Oh revision - ergh!
    And both boots are beaut!
    Those £65 is a bit pricey, but for goood stable shoes?
    Worth it i'd say (:
    I like the vintagey look too mm

  3. They are gorgeous! Good luck for exams! :) xx

  4. buy them. i am a bad influence. but it's payback for all the times you've talked me into buying stuff that i want to buy anyway (: