Friday, 10 September 2010

What's new in the world of Charrrrlottie?

So, those of you who read my blog regularly (thank you thank you thank you) have probably noticed the vast amount of repetitive, boring posts (the dreaded 30 day challenge, in other words) recently. But now it is finished, and I am ill, so I haven't actually posted anything particularly exciting since. Sorry about that. This isn't very exciting either but it's the best I can come up with in my ill state.

Over the summer, we redecorated my room which was super dooper exciting. It had been pink for as long as I can remember and I was hideously bored of it. Therefore, I decided to go for something completely different, blue! But as you will probably notice from the photo's I just could not steer away from pink entirely, I love it far too much. Unfortunately my room still isn't that exciting due to the fact that all of my furniture is fixed, so nothing could really get moved or replaced because we don't have the funds to do so. But I've got tonnes of new accessories and stuff and I am really please. It's so cosy now, I refuse to leave!

Below you have my desk, complete with laptop. Probably the first time it's ever come into contact with my desk as it's usually on my bed because I am a lazy bum. But I was trying to tidy my room a little so my 'bum-ness' wasn't so apparent. Anyway, I have a new mirror which I love, we got it in an antique store for £15!! And I love my lamp, it gives off a really cosy light. I tried to explain this to my boyfriend but he didn't really understand. Anyway, I should be getting a new, slimline tv to replace my horrible old school one soon. It takes up so much room.

And here is my bird cage! I love it so much, it's one of my favourite things. I'm hoping to get a rose garland or something to wrap around it. OH. Just in case you were wondering, I do have a full length mirror, it's just not very exciting, so I haven't taken a photo of it.

Here is my bed! I have a really nice white wooden headboard now, so it looks more finished. But I can't be bothered to take a photo at the moment, not gonna lie.

And here's one of my many ways of storing my jewellery. I just scanned my bedroom and I have at least 5 on display, and I have two boxes under my bed as well as an earring stand. I have too much bling.

And now let me introduce you to the most pathetic 'haul' ever. It doesn't even deserve to be called a haul it's so small.
Here is my new ring. Yayyyy! From Topshop, I love it, enough said. As well as 'nomnomnomnomnomnom'.

I got this with one of the £5 vouchers, it's No7's new 'Exceptional Definition' mascara, with the three parts of the brush. I LOVE IT. IT IS AMAZING. WAAAAAAAWEEEE. I also got a lipstick with one of the vouchers on Sunday, but as I said, I'm too lazy/ill to go taking (bad) photo's at the moment. So that will be featured in my next 'haul', which I hope will be a little more exciting/big than this one.

And finally my new hareem pants from Topshop's tall range. They are amazing, although the seam has started to come un-stitched towards the bottom of one of the legs which I really need to stitch up. Silly Topshop. But I do love you so. I have rambled a lot. I am sorry. I'll try not to next time, but we all know that probably won't happen. I hope you're all gravy!


  1. great haul! and also your room looks so lovely! ITS GORGEOUS <33

  2. Aw thank you! I love it, but I just realised how many photo's I missed out, oops. Haha xxx

  3. oh my that bird cage it so cute! xox

  4. i agree with fern. your room looks lovely. FEEL BETTER <3

  5. Thank you gorgeous! I am trying, but I'm a bit useless, I never actually take pills when I'm ill. That is how lazy I am, someone needs to come and force them down my throat.

  6. Awww that birdcage is adorable! :) xx

  7. really love your ring, and i never expected that mascara to be any good but i might take a closer look now:) xx

  8. Ah your room looks so lovely and cosy and vintage :)

    I love love love that ring. I really need to get some funds together to invest in it haha. xx

  9. Hannahh x: Thank you sweety! I love it too, now all I need is a real bird ;D

    Kara: I wasn't impressed with No7's last excuse for a mascara, but this one really is good. Especially with a £5 voucher :)

    Hannah xo: That ring has not left my finger (much) since I bought it! It's my favourite.