Friday, 21 May 2010

What a lovely day...

to do some work :( gah! Spent today doing work, then I began writing this when I was taking a break but my internet broke so this is no longer on the hour, as it's happening news ;) even though it's incredibly boring. I just thought I'd do a little post :)
It's been so sunny today! Shame I have so much work to do :/ anyways, I'd been painting one of the worst paintings I've ever done for a couple of hours and felt I needed a break. As I entered the garden for my break in the sun I noticed the middle of our fence leaning against the pergola. But I think it's supposed to be there because my dad's currently replacing the fence. So my dog started to investigate it and tried her very best to get through the gap. Unfortunately for her she isn't tall enough to reach the part of the gap she would fit through.
Anyway, my Aunt and her children live in the house the other side of my fence, nice and close. Unfortunately,her children are young and annoying and I was fully aware of the fact that as soon as they returned from school they would be sticking their heads through the gap and trying to summon Flash (my dog) with tasty make believe sausages. Only it was worse than I had orginally expected, I was in the kitchen revising history and suddenly Flash ran outside. There were around four children's heads sticking through the fence. It would seem that they have friends round. Is it irrational for me to hate children? Although it did amuse me when they ran away when I went outside to pick up Flash's cuddly bear.
So, here are some of the photographs I took. Not that a gap in the fence is that interesting/humorous. But I did enjoy watching Flash trying to get through :)

I'm sure I irritate my dog when I do this. In most of the photos it looks like she's rolling her eyes.

Trying. Failing.
The gap!
N'awww :) she's so sweet. I love my dog :D

My crap painting. I painted this in my art exam and need it to put in my prep sketch book. Although this one is really bad!

It would seem father put yet another dinosaur in the tea bag jar.

Having curry for tea tonight. That will cure that long-running craving :)


  1. oh youre so pretty and your dogs adorable! love from your latest follower

  2. really pretty pictures :) you look so beautiful and your dog so cute :)
    drey jewelry.

  3. this post always cheers me up.
    particularly the dinosaur hanging with the teabags