Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sweaty Betty

It's been so hot today! I feel nice and sticky now, and have gained a wee burn on my back. Anyway, I thought I'd begin this post with an OOTD:

Wedding dress: Justin Alexander

HOHOHOH. Yes. I got to spend today in a wedding dress :) woheyy. You may be wondering why. Maybe not. But I will explain for those who are. Basically I model for a bridal shop and today we were exhibiting at a wedding show at a gorgeous country estate. I love doing this! All I have to do is walk around and eat wedding cake samples. Yum :)

But is was so hot! I think the dress had around 8/9 layers of net and I was boiling. Plus sitting down was a bit of a chore. I kind of had to lean backwards and fall because it was a fishtail dress with no room to move from the top to the knees. But it was gorgeous :) although numerous people managed to tread on it and rip some of the net. But luckily my boss was expecting that and didn't mind. Phewwwweeee.

Me and my friend Lizzy :)

So so pretty!

Couple of studs right there ;)

My dress had a detachable piece which went over the shoulders. It was so beautiful

The front of the house, with a wedding bus and helicopter! :D

I thought this was amazing, if you haven't already worked it out, it's a stretch Mini :D

And because they're funny:

Lovely day overall :) despite the overheating. Apparently it was hotter here than in Spain and L.A and other such places today. Crazy days!
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)


  1. Beautiful. You look lovely.

    Bea. xo

  2. wow you look gorgeous in that dress hun! I love going to bridal shows!

  3. The dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous! xx

  4. those are such gorgeous dresses!!!

  5. You're such a cutie :):)

    Please check out my blog!

  6. aww, so beautiful dresses :)

  7. Wow, this is amazing you look beautiful! :) xx

  8. You look beautiful.

  9. awww your blogs so cute! your such a pretty girl hope you could follow my blog! im a happy follower of yours now!


  10. this is so cool! i've always wanted to know what i would look like in a wedding dress! fun! i'm now following your blog!

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  11. that dress is beautiful. and that is such a great job! i'd love to do that. :D

    btw, thanks for following! :D

  12. That's alright sweety! Thanks for following me back :D xx

  13. you both look lovely!;)

  14. I used to model for a wedding shop, too. Loved it :). Then they went out of business. But my favorite was working the runway shows. Mmmmmm :),there's not much better than struttn' your stuff in a designer dress, on a slim stage with blaring lights and music in front of hundreds of people. Excitement and energy at it's best.


  15. Ah yes I love the catwalks, I tend to get my feet caught in the train when I turn though. Haha :D

  16. Wow, how lucky are you?! You look gorgeous!

    xoxo greetings from Canada