Monday, 23 May 2011

Made in Chelsea, is anyone actually watching it?

I will admit, I have been watching it, but initially I had to force myself. After a brief glimpse of it when I flicked over from Glee (oh yes) on E4 +1 and saw some pompous man saying 'I hate Topshop', I immediately took a great disliking to it. I will admit the majority of the characters still irritate me with their snobbery and in your face poshness, but I found it highly amusing as in the first episode in particular they continually tried to subtly slate TOWIE by talking about their hate for all things fake (fake tan, eyelashes etc). ANYWAY, while my heart truly lies with The Only Way is Essex with Nanna Pat and her sausage plaits I have been enjoying the whole Caggie, Spencer and Funda love triangle thing and can't wait to see tonights episode.
Haha. I have become what I hate. It's okay, I'd still rather watch Misfits and The Inbetweeners, proper English telly, not a copy of American programs. But it's not a complete copy, like America stole Shameless. I want to know how that even works seeing as it's set in a 'typical' English council housing estate... Who knows, unless someone from America tells me where it's set over there!

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  1. i don't think we have that here, but is sure looks interesting! :)

    p.s. come join my $100 Shopbop giveaway! :)

    <3, Mimi