Saturday, 16 April 2011


I have before and after photos but I doubt any of you would want to see blown up pictures of the inside of my mouth. (Let me know if you do ;) haha) My teeth are so nice now though :D although I do miss my metal :( my teeth look boring without it.

Anyway, I haven't really posted on here in months, so I shall do a little catch up of what's happened since New Year with photos...

It was Helena's birthday so we went out for a yummy curry then did this on the way home... Not sure why.

It was Katherine's 18th so we partied and ate crisps.

It was Ross' 18th so I got drunk and made a fool of myself. YEAH!

Bryony and I made cannelloni and nommed it all down straight after. Piggy's. Mmmmmmmmm :D

I made a huge cake. NOMMM.

Bryo and I went to Ranworth Broad last week and did some birdwatching. Not sure why we act like middle-aged people for the majority/all of the time.

Once again another uninspired post. But I felt like blogging :) but college is nearly over now and I finish my exams June 10th so after then I will return full steam ahead! I just fail at doing school work and... anything on top of that.
Also, it's my 18th birthday at the start of next month! YOSSSS. Can not wait. I've only been irritating everyone about it for eight months or so now. Hahaha. And it's the Royal Wedding soon, I think we're going to have a street party with a BBQ and ice cream :D hopefully the sun shines.
Have any of you guys and gals got anything planned?


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  2. the cannelloni looks good!!! it sure seems like you're having a blast. i don't really have anything planned. it's spring break though, so i will probably be catching up the fun books i want to read. :D

    <3, Mimi