Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sixth Form Prom

Iyer!! Haven't posted in ages because I have been a busy bee. I went on holiday at the end of June but I will devote a separate post to that.

Anyway, I have now officially finished sixth form and we had our prom a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun but also so sad! Most of my friends are going off to uni and it's crazy to think that after results day in a couple of weeks I probably won't see 85% of those people ever again. Mind you, I will not lie, some I will be glad to be rid of for good!

Everyone looked beautiful and even the teachers managed to scrub up to a fairly high standard. It was a great night and luckily the English weather held out until the next day so we had sun! I am still feeling the harsh money grabbing wrath of this night though. I spent so much money and now I am stuck inside until I have more!

I'm staying at home for the next year and will be doing work experience in event organisation and I'll possibly be going to uni next year. Not sure at the moment but my boyfriend and some of my friends will still be here so not all is lost.

I hope you're all feeling swell and enjoying the so called 'summer'. (in England anyway, the weather here is terrible.) It's so depressing!!

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