Tuesday, 11 January 2011

General Studies

Pretty sure most colleges in the UK make you sit this ridiculous exam now. But what is the point?! None of my universities even accept General Studies and nor does it gain you any UCAS points. That's a whole two hours I will never ever get back. Yet I think I have another three of them to go, all of them being 90 minutes. Laaaaaame :(

Also, I walked into lesson half an hour late this morning because... I don't do mornings. My teacher didn't even notice, not sure how, but SCORE. But I did stay in and do an extra hour of work so I more than made up for it. I'm not a slacker I promise.

I have my interview for Norwich Uni soon and apparently they want an essay, why must it be to do with the subject I want to study? Why can't I give them one of my A* History essays? You wouldn't think I was capable of that with the way I write on here haha. Awkward/I can't be bothered. But I suppose if I finish my textiles dissertation on time I could use that.

I've come over all boring, currently telling you the things I tell my parents. But I have nothing to write about at the moment. I barely slept last night so my brain is not functioning. I forget the number of times I nearly fell asleep or just went DERP today when I didn't understand. derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

Anyway, so this post isn't completely irrelevant to the rest of my blog. I like this playsuit! (From Topshop of course.) No idea where or when I would wear it but mmmmmmmmm :)

And just out of interest, to those of you in the US. Do you find Barack Obama as amusing as we do over here? What a joker. I think about weird things that matter to no one else far too much.

Or do you see him as we probably see good/bad ol' David Cameron. Ooft ;) <- that was sarcastic. If that wasn't already clear.
Our prime minister is boring, and riding a bike.
He doesn't make jokes with his colleagues like Obama :(

I wonder if anyone living in the US ever heard Chris Moyles' song about Barack Obama? Pretty sure you get radio one over there!

Sorry if I've offended anyone with my comments over two mighty fine leaders... yeahhhh

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  1. hello! hahaha your rant was way witty (if that doesnt sound too dorky!)
    and im sure your essay will be amazing and that playsuit is gorgeous and YES im tired all the time!!!!
    lots of love