Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tan lines look so good.

Yet again I haven't posted in almost a week, I am a bad, bad blogger. But I thought I'd fill you in on my week, although very little has happened. But yesterday was the Norfolk Show :D hurrah! The biggest agricultural event in England ;) I went with my brother, dad and my friend Helena. We spent most of the day talking to dogs and shouting 'HEEHEE' MJ style when we lost my brother and dad. They loved it. As did everyone else, they were all staring. If I was one of them I would have been moaning about how annoying we are. But oh well :) now of course I will treat you to the mandatory pictures.

Free Woodfordes beer (we had vouchers), yummy :) it was lovely and cold, very refreshing considering how hot it was! I have some lovely tan lines now.

Lots of tractors in the main ring ;)

So many Labradors! There were four or five I think, one of which was a puppy :)

Flash's doppelganger. Crazy!

I love Springer Spaniels so much. They're so lovely and excitable! This one was only a year old :) n'awwwwwwwww.

So that was good times :D then today I dropped A-Level dance which feels so good! Now I have art, textiles and history to carry on with in year 13 (A2).
I've bought quite a lot of new things recently, including a new pair of shorts, jeans, a bikini and a new lipstick. I'm going shopping again on Saturday though so I'll probably do a haul soon! I hope you're all good :) I'm sorry I've been so terrible at blogging lately, I've been too busy basking in the sun!


  1. No worries about blogging, I've been quite busy myself, so I know how you feel and we've gotta enjoy this nice weather while we can.

    Can't wait to see the shopping haul.

  2. Mmmm yes! The weather's been gorgeous, plus the fact that all I've done is laze about in it means I have nothing to talk about. Oh well :) a trip to the beach or something would be lovely.
    I'm glad you're looking forward to it :D hope you like it lovely. xxx

  3. I like your style, you're cute! :)

    sry, i got quite excited ;D

  5. Cute pictures :) x

  6. @JUSTYNA DĄBROWSKA: Thank you sweety! Had a bit of trouble with my hat and skirt though, the skirt kept blowing up and my hat kept blowing off! Hehe :)

    @Narny-Bar: SAME. But it's back wasn't as black as Flash's, and Flash is generally better. But that dog's dad was called Mr Darcy :D

    @Ariel: Thank you my sweet, I'm glad you like them!! xx