Monday, 22 November 2010


What's this?! A haul??? I was not aware of the fact that these even existed (i.e. my last one consisted of around 2/3 things, shameful, I know). But, whilst I've been boring the majority of you and driving you away with my pointless babble I have been collecting up quite a decent selection of things to show you. So here goes my actual, real, proper, HAUL.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon. I love this, but the glitter in it is a bit too chunky for my liking.

No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Coral Dream. This is a gorgeous colour! And I found out the other day my Nanny has it, I would say it's a bad thing, but coral's been in recently, so maybe my Nan's just really cool. I usually wear it over GOSH - Darling, it makes it look lovely and creamy.

I rediscovered this lipstick yesterday. I got in a No7 promotion thingy with a load of other stuff. I've wanted a deep, plum for ages, so when I found this hiding away I was so happy! It's in Plum Beautiful and it's really pigmented, need to use a base though otherwise it tends to go all over the place. Or I'm just really clumsy.

Yet another huge ring from Topshop!

A teeny-tiny ring from Topshop. It says 'love' on it if you can't make it out.

And this beast, from Topshop. Ahem. Don't wear it much though, it always gets stuck on my finger which is a big pain because it's pretty!

I think I posted about this bag ages ago, I'm not sure. But I've only just started using it because it didn't have a chain, I've got one from a haberdashery now though, HURRAH! It's vintage(ish), from the 1970s I think.

I picked this bag up for £3 at a car boot, I think it's from Bay originally.

This photo does these shoes no justice whatsoever! I got them in New Look a while back now, they're really snuggly and warm :) But I don't wear them very often because they're really high and I'm always with my boyfriend who doesn't really enjoy me towering over him. Neither do I for that matter.

£18 from Tesco. Bargain!

I love this coat! £60 from H&M I think. It's got wool in it so it's incredibly warm. I love it. Mmmm.

This was from Tk-Maxx. It's not as nice as a lot of the fairisle knitwear but my god it's snuggly.

I got this dress in the Topshop sale and I've barely taken it off. It's so pretty. I usually wear it with a big chunky gold necklace and my black cardigan with the gold beads on. But whenever I lift my arms up it rises up, a lot. Ooer.

And finally the panda hat from River Island, which doubles up as a very seedy balaclava. I actually think it's quite scary. Sorry guys.

WHEEE. Done! I think that was somewhat more impressive than the last! Hope you liked it girlies :)

I made scones today, they are delicious. I have already had three. I want more. I must try and resist.


  1. That was the most awesomest haul ever! I love everything you got!

  2. lllooovvviiiinnggg your finds! jealous of the boots, fringe bag, and fair isle sweater! cute blog :)

    xoxo following!

  3. B-e-a-utiful rings, love! And that jacket is simply gorgeous. Great choices! Yay for shopping!