Saturday, 6 February 2010

The antiques fair was so good!

It was freezing though! I made sure to stay inside for as long as possible. When we did eventually venture outside to look at the rest of the stalls I bailed and ending up leaving and sitting in the car. Brrrrrrrr.

I've decided to put up photos of what I wear so eventually I'll have lots of photos and it will be easy peasy to think up outfits! Some may say that is lame, but I don't care :) I spend far too long trying to decide on what to wear.
What I wore:

Please excuse the douchey pose :) I decided to change my necklace because that one looked silly because it was too long. I also wore my dark denim shirt and my goooorgeous faux fur coat. Yummy!

ALSO, I wore my new boots from Topshop for the first time in ages because they mashed my feet up the first time I wore them out and I was worried I would have to take them back (cleaned of course, they were covered in mud.) But they're fine now, I'm so happy! :D

I only bought one thing, but they are amazing. I got myself a vintage pair (with new hooks) of marcasite earrings. I think they're from the 50s but I'm not entirely sure. The lady on the stall had so much beautiful jewellery, I could have bought all of it if I had enough money. Better get saving...
I can't wait to wear them! I might wear them tonight because I'm going to the theatre with my parents, although I'm not actually sure what we're going to see. It will probably be a musical though so I'm excited :D


  1. i really like your hair~ and those earrings! those are antique?

  2. Thank you! Yes they are antique :) so glad I bought those beauts.

  3. Love, love that outfit.